Jeff's life has not been going well of late. He's had a failed career, failed relationships and -- icing on the cake -- financial ruin. But it turns out there's a cherry to top that icing when an unfortunate accident forces him back home to Long Island to care for his wheelchair-bound mother from hell (played by Oscar-nominee Patty McCormack). Jeff has one last thing to do before she "moves on," but he can't quite muster the courage. Then a talking clown doll discovered stashed away in a closet begins dispensing therapist-like advice. Amongst the mayhem, the sage doll and his constantly squabbling siblings who include a hyper-manic sister and a Crossfit-loving moron of a brother just might help Jeff find it inside him to do what he needs to do. This laugh-out-loud comedy about love, death and taking control of one's life premieres at L.A.'s Whitefire Theatre helmed by a cast that includes McCormack (Frost-Nixon, The Bad Seed), Paul Elia, Elizabeth Regen, Drew Droege, and Alex Skuby (Bones, King of Queens).